Music: Lily and Madeleine

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I don't write about music a lot, but occasionally, there's something that really makes me want share a discovery. Earlier today, the headline "Teenage Folk-Singing Sisters Hit the Big Time" on the New York Times website caught my eye. I love folk music and the idea of any folk singer, let alone teenage sister folk singers, hitting the big time, piqued my interest. While the headline was a bit of an exaggeration, I read the blurb about Lily and Madeleine and was intrigued enough to push play on the audio file that accompanied the article. I was immediately hooked: These girls were the real deal.

One long YouTube hole* later, I think I might be Lily and Madeleine's biggest fan. I love their sound and I love their sincerity. Yes, Sufjan Stevens has singed them for a record deal. Yes, they were profiled in the New York Times style magazine. But the thing I love, is it they seem so real. If you click beyond the official Lily and Madeleine YouTube channel with it's slick-but-simple videos of the girls in a recording studio, you'll find homemade videos of the sisters singing in their childhood home. And their big-time producers have mimicked their original style in a way that feels authentic.

I can't wait to buy their full album come October. In the meantime, I'll keep clicking through all the videos of these truly entrancing sisters.

* A term coined by my husband, a 'YouTube hole' is when you get sucked into YouTube by a particularly compelling video and continue to click through to other related videos. A YouTube hole could take any form, but in our cases, it's usually music-related: A video clip form The Last Waltz leads to a clip of Joni Mithchell singing 'California' live on the BBC, leads to Johnny Cash and Joni singing together, leads to... you get the idea: You fall down a hole. Under some circumstances, the hole can be deep and dangerous, so beware of YouTube holes!


Grey Gordon said...

Thanks so much for taking notice of Lily & Madeleine! I completely agree and love the idea about the Youtube hole, especially with their music. Once you start listening, you can't stop! I'm currently an intern with Asthmatic Kitty and am working on building L & M a larger fan base, so it's great that you love their music! Make sure to check out their debut album, out 10/29. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at


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