Simply Spotless Fabric Cleaner

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Earlier this year, I was introduced to the Simply Spotless cleaning line, and I'll admit I was curious, but a little skeptical. Being eco-conscious, my curiosity was sparked by the company's achievement of the Environmental Protection Agency's Design for the Environment certification for all of their products. My skepticism was founded in the product's designer packaging. What can I say, it just didn't look serious to me, and I figured the chic design was just a way for the company to charge higher-than-normal fees for their cleaning supplies.

Well, boy was I wrong: Simply Spotless Fabric Cleaner is amazing. It has removed so many stubborn stains that it is now my go-to stain treatment, especially for upholstery fabrics because it doesn't need to be washed out. A half-full glass of wine spilled on our light-colored sofa (my fault!) and fear gripped my chest. Yes, the slipcovers are washable, but it was a lot of wine, and a couch is a major investment piece. I covered all the stained spots with the Simply Spotless, and the stains were gone in the morning--really, there was no trace of the wine. It has also worked on old stains that had been sitting for who knows how long. I think this fabric cleaner is so effective that the $18 price tag is a bargain.

The company was founded by a mother-daughter team and is made in New York City, which is another reason I am happy to pay the higher price for this product.

(I should note that I also tried the Simply Spotless Glass and Surface Cleaner, and while it worked just fine, I wouldn't spend the extra money on it; I have yet to try the Wood Cleaner.)



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