Storage Beds For Small Homes

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My bed frame is a hand-me-down from my parents, more specifically from my mom, who had it back in her single days in New York City in the 70s. First, I'd like to say that any bed frame that lasts nearly 40 years and multiple moves (at least 10 by my count) was a fine investment--so thanks, Mom!

The bed is a wooden captain's bed (a combination of solid wood and plywood) with three large storage drawers embedded in one side. The platform is split into two pieces, making it easier to move. Those three drawers give us almost as much storage as an extra bureau, without taking up any additional storage space, and because they are built into the bed, they're much easier to use than some makeshift under-the-bed storage.

I think anyone living in a small house should seriously consider either a Murphy bed or a storage bed--if you don't, you're underutilizing a serious amount of floorspace, people! Storage beds are also great for guest rooms because you can store the bed's linens in the drawers and leave your guests the bureau drawers to use. In kids' rooms these handy beds can store toys.

The only drawback of my bed is that its a double, and I'm considering an upgrade to a queen, so I thought I'd investigate the world of storage beds on the market today.

Gothic Cabinet Craft still makes a model very similar to my mom's old bed: the Queen Captains Bed with 6 Drawers, $589. Yes, you can opt for drawers on two sides, doubling your drawer space. I'm tempted to go this route because I know I like it.

I've also long been drawn to IKEA's Malm storage bed (I've even blogged about a similar model before here). My sister's roommate had one of these, and while it doesn't give you the dresser-like storage, it gives you a ton of space to store unwieldy things you don't use everyday, like out-of-season clothes, luggage, Christmas ornaments, and the like. It also features IKEA's slat-platform, which I have discovered I like very much. At $449, this is definitely a contender, though I fear it would be a bear to move, and I also hesitate to invest in any more particleboard furniture from Big Blue.

Pottery Barn's Stratton Bed with Drawers is another handsome model, and it's made from hardwood, which I like, and the option to add a headboard is nice. Harder to like is the $1,699 price tag--gulp!

CB2 offers a sleeker, more contemporary storage bed that is also made from real wood and plywood with hi-gloss white lacquer finish. At $799, The Stowaway is also pretty competitive price-wise.

A spendy-but-sophisticated option is Room & Board's Wyatt Bed ($1,799), which has an upholstered frame and headboard and one massive drawer that pulls out from the footboard. It's not for me, but if you wanted an upholstered look, this, or West Elm's Pivot Bed ($1,399, below) would be your best bets.


Liz Fenton said...

Oh, and 41 years!

Laura Fenton said...

Thanks for the fact-checking!

Liz Fenton said...

And 12 different locations and maybe a couple more moves.


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